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The Venue

Building Specs

Audience capacity is 110 fully seated across two levels. Roughly 60 at ground level and the remainder around three sides of a balcony level. The building is a Grade II* listed chapel with the original pews. Downstairs the pews have been upgraded with substantial padding for a more modern comfort level.

A standing counter in the entrance area is where audience are greeted and checked in for events.
The bar is on the ground floor level with a range of beers from local brewery, Stonehouse, and from Welsh craft beers wholesaler Stori. A selection of wines, gins, whisky, vodka, teas, coffees, soft drinks, and mixers are also available.


Stage is raised 400mm providing a good view for the audience on both ground and upper levels. Area of stage viewable from all levels is 5m wide by 2.5 - 3m deep with a raised pulpit to the back of the main stage providing another useful area for backing singers, DJs. Or utilised for plays as a feature. To the side of the stage there is a 5m x 2m area  beneath the balcony level that can serve as wings or as additional stage area with restricted view from upper level.

There is a dedicated stage access to the stage from the green room area.

Sound Built In Equipment

Main PA is an HK Linear 5 PA system on ground floor with an HK Elements infill system on balcony level. Controlled by DBX Venu360 system processor. System is equalized to the room and the infill system is time aligned to the main system. Providing infill to the balcony level without being distracting.

On stage there are connection points for up to six HK PR:O 10 wedge monitors driven from a central amp rack. Additional wedges, or feeds for in-ear systems can be provided on request.

Digital console in the main auditorium provides 48 Stereo channels, 28 Stereo busses with a broad selection of effects and processing plugins. This is coupled to two PCs at FOH. Both running Windows 10 pro. One PC is a rackmount Quad core intel i7, with 32GB DDR4 RAM and 16TB hard disk capacity. Of which 1TB is high speed NVMe. It has a quad output graphics card which can feed video anywhere in the building. The second PC is tower, also a Quad core intel i7 serving mostly as lighting controller with a 22 inch touch screen and running QLC+. It also serves for simple AV playback.

Audio inputs and outputs are via AES50 connected stage boxes. One 8+8 stagebox in the main amp rack. Two 8+8 boxes under the front of the stage and one 16+8 box at the rear of the stage. There are 8+8 main connections and 8+8 aux connections on the desk itself. There is also an AES50 connection between the main auditorium console and a second smaller console in a dedicated streaming room.

The stage is fed with power from its own 32A ring main into a total 12 twin gang 13A sockets. The building has three phase power and there are four 16A 3phase outlets in the main auditorium.

Sound Portable Equipment


  • Sennheiser e965 x 4.

  • Sennehiser e614 x 5.

  • Sennheiser e835 x 1.

  • Rode M5 x 4.

  • Shure Beta 87A x 5.

  • Shure Beta 57 x 3.

  • Shure SM58 x 1 (For those that insist!).

  • Shure 819 x 1.

  • AKG D112 Mk1 x 1.

  • AKG D112 Mk2 x 1.

  • AKG C3000 x 4.

  • AKG D5 x 4.

  • AKG D40 x 6.

  • AKG C430 x 1.

  • Audio Technica Pro70 x 2.

  • SE Electronics V7 x 1.

  • EV N/D767a x 1.

DI Boxes

  • Klark Teknik DN200V1 x 2.

  • Klark Teknik DN100V1 x 1.

  • Klark Teknik DN100V2 x 1.

  • Klark Teknik DI22P x 1.

  • Palmer PAN01 x 1.

  • Palmer DACCPO reamp box x 1.

  • Radial Engineering Pro48 x 2.

  • Radial Engineering SB1 x 1.

  • Radial Engineering SB5 x 3.



  • K&M 210/9 x 12.

  • K&M 25950 x 6.

  • K&M 259 x 6.

  • Gravity MS23 round base stand x 3.

  • Gravity MSCAB CL01 cab grabber x 2.

  • Gear4Music conductor stands x 12.

Drum Kit

Gretsch renown maple standard in piano black. Consisting of:

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum - Evans BD22EMADONX - EMAD - Onyx Head.

  • 10" x 07" Tom Tom - Evans B10ONX2 Onyx Head.

  • 12" x 08" Tom Tom - Evans B12ONX2 Onyx Head.

  • 16" x 14" Floor Tom - Evans B16ONX2 Onyx Head.

  • DW PDP 14"x5,5" Black Wax Snare - Evans B14HW 14 inch Heavyweight Coated Head.

  • All Gretsch G5 Hardware.

  • K&M 14055 Throne.

  • Zildjian 13" I Family Hi-Hat.

  • Zultan 15" Q Crash.

  • Paiste PST5 18" Crash / Ride '14.



  • Kawai MP7SE Stage piano with GFP3 triple pedal unit.

  • Yamaha P85 digital piano (Green room).

  • Yamaha P45 digital piano (Streaming Room).



  • TC Electronic BH500 driving Trace Elliot 2x10 + Horn cabinet.

  • Laney RB3 Bass Amp.

  • Line6 Spider V30 x 2.

  • Vox Valvetronic VT50 x 1.

  • Marshall Valvestate 2 x 80w poweramp.

  • Art digital preamp.



  • Line6 Pod HD500X modelling pedal unit.

  • Peterson StroboPlus HDC Tuner.

  • CT200 Cable tester.

  • 6 x pan tilt CCTV cameras viewable from green room and FOH with audio. Great for show management.


  • Stairville Octagon Theater 20x6W CW/WW/A x 4.

  • Varytec LED Theater Spot 100 3000K x 6.

  • Eurolite LED PFE-120 3000K Profile Spot x 2.

  • Eurolite LED SLS-30 COB QCL Floor x 6.

  • Eurolite LED bar 12x4W RGBW x 2.

  • Eurolite LED bar 6x4W RGBW x 2.

  • Stairville LED Par 56 COB RGBW 30W x 6.

  • Stairville HL-x90 RGBW flood x 2.

  • Stairville HL-x90 WW/CW LED flood x 2.

  • All controlled from PC running QLC+ software with 22" capacitive touch screen.

Audio Visual & Streaming

  • BirdDog P110 Full NDI PTZ camera x 2

  • AMD Ryzen 7, 8 core PC running Windows 11 with 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2.5TB NVMe PCIe4. 1 x 6TB HDD. 1 x 16TB Enterprise grade HDD. Running various software. OBS, Reaper, VLC, In Design, Blender, MS Office.

  • X32 Digital console with AES50 feed from main auditorium.

  • 4m wide motorised projector screen.

  • Panasonic full HD projector.

  • 3 x 4K monitors.

  • 1 x HD Monitor.

  • Datacolor Spyder colour calibrator.

  • 2 x 4K TVs.

  • HDBaseT feeds throughout the building.

  • Bose monitors With Harmon Kardon sub.

  • 70Mbit in, 20+Mbit out stable internet connection with QoS for streaming.

DJ Equipment

  • Numark ND500 CD/USB player x 2.

  • Behringer DDM4000 DJ Mixer.

Green Room & Rehearsal Space

  • AMD Ryzen 5, 4 core PC running Windows 10 Pro with 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD. Running various software. OBS, Reaper, VLC, MS Office. 22" monitor.

  • 4K smart TV. Also connected to the PC.

  • Soundcraft Spirit M12 Mixer

  • Lexicon Alpha USB audio interface.

  • Digital reverb.

  • 2 x Mission speakers

  • 1 x Coaxial wedge monitor.

Kitchen, comprising:

  • Kettle.

  • 4 ring halogen hob.

  • Electric fan oven

  • Microwave

  • Plates, bowls, utensils, mugs, glasses.

  • Fridge

And Finally

Most equipment can be moved between rooms as needed.

When all of that isn't enough we have the resources of our parent company, Affine Resourcing to draw on. Amps, staging, drape, truss, lighting, video...

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